YRC members support the 2016 Chicago Marathon

Continuing what now is a fall tradition, five YRC members volunteered again this year along with some 200 other Chicagoland Amateur Radio operators.

Four of our club members, Nick, KC9WPR – Steve, N9ZE – Martin, KD4SLL & Todd, W9YK along with Kate, KC9IQF assisted at Medical Aid Station 20, Mile Marker 25.

Also, and because of his professional career coupled with his ham radio skills, Bill, N9WGV worked the parade, offering his support
at marathon headquarters between law enforcement and the amateur medical and logistic nets.

All in all, being able to provide communications for an event ends up allowing amateur operators to be a part of many great community events.  Today was no exception.

The next time an opportunity presents itself, for the club to support an event, step up and grab that chance. You never know what kind of learning you might get exposed to, how you might be able to help plus a way to  go to places you’ve never been before.


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