Ham Radio Links from October meeting

a few ham related websites reviewed
at a recent York Radio Club meeting –
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Time Is

Where are all the hams?

National Silent Key Archive

73 Magazine archives

Internet Archives – 1945 Radio News

Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence

Space Weather

Old QSL’s

3830 Scores

DX News

Morse Camp

Net Lists

Zulu time converter

Dynamic SNR map for all kiwiSDR receivers 

web SDR  University of Twente

Frequency Chart

ICOM grid square US map




2018 Chicago Marathon

a job well done by these seven members at Medical Tent 20 – Bill, WD9END, John, KD9KAO, Jerzy, KC9RXT, Wade, KD9GPY, Joey, AC9QS and Todd, W9YK – – – – along with five more members at other marathon assignments, Tomoko, KD9HTA, Patrick, KD9HGA, Nick, KC9WPR, Steve, N9ZE and Bill, N9WGV – a great effort helping to make another great Chicago Marathon

and photos of the male & female lead runners as they
passed our location, one mile to the finish –

Serving The Interests Of Amateur Radio in the Elmhurst area