Mobile Antenna Placement

Ever wonder where might be the best place to have the mobile antenna on your vehicle?  Here are some helpful suggestions which were written by Aaron Logan from the Larsen Antenna Company

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Your antenna is key to putting out a good signal on VHF/UHF (as well as on HF) Guess the better you become, the better you’ll propagate!  Still have questions . . .  please check into our Monday or Wednesday night nets and ask away – that’s why we’re a club!

One thought on “Mobile Antenna Placement”

  1. I’m struggling with a vehicle that does not conform to normal parameters. I have a 2015 Jeep Wrangler (JK) 2 Door, with a fiberglass hardtop. Fiberglass provides no ground plane to work with, so a typical centered roof mount won’t work, plus I can’t see drilling a hole in my fiberglass hardtop. From what I have read from other Jeep owners is that the best placement is a Front fender mount, that attaches between the Fender/Hood seam. I will be testing that out in the future.

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