‘on-the-air’ so to speak

Thanks to the efforts of Brian, K9QQQ – He asked for and was granted permission to add our club’s repeater onto a list of those repeaters, (and thousands of other re-broadcast radio signals,) that are on the web service – broadcastify.com – now there is some latency of 30 seconds plus, but then you’re in effect listening in real time to all of the activity on our repeater – a stand-in Bearcat 250 scanner supplied by George, KC9UIU, a Raspberry-Pi, some operator talent (that’s Brian) and well, as they say, wallah, we’re on the air – give it a listen here

One thought on “‘on-the-air’ so to speak”

  1. Let me know if anything needs to be improved or modified -> K9QQQ@yahoo.com

    Glad to help out the club and excited to hear my (as of now) singular radio so I can check antenna performance/signal quality by simply listening to myself!

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