many of us are looking up

Dave, KC9AMY is getting ready for August 21st at approximately 1 PM – So is Joey, AC9QS & Angela, KD9IRC – Along with millions of other inquisitive inhabitants of North America. They will be looking up at the sun (wearing protective goggles for sure,) to view the complete solar eclipse.

See for more details.

Below is a ‘test’ picture taken by Dave who is preparing to photograph the event.  He wrote “Took this photo the weekend before last.  You can see a sunspot (a little fuzzy) on the left side.  Using a solar filter, 1/10 sec. at f/8, about 8x magnification.  Hope it is not cloudy on Monday!”

We do too! We hope to display a few of his photos here on our club website – For all looking up next week – prepare with safety in mind, but do have an experience of a lifetime – the next chance will be in some 25 years – say no more just look up (with caution.)