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have some HF ham radio fun

York Radio Club will set-up, participate, and share this coming Sunday, October 22nd in the Illinois QSO party. The event will be an opportunity for all members to taste, try and triumph on the air.

Club members and guests will gather at the Elmhurst Fire Department Training Facility. Some experienced club members, skilled in the art of making as many contacts as possible in as short a time as is available, will assist those interested in learning the art, often referred to as contesting.

Details this week on the nets – participate as you see fit, but expose yourself and enjoy an afternoon/early evening of making contacts around the states and Canada.  Hope to see you there!

Earn Your Ham Radio License in One Weekend in Elmhurst

The Elmhurst-based York Radio Club will again offer a weekend training class designed to allow participants to learn everything they need to know to pass their amateur radio license exam. At the end of the two-day session, volunteer examiners will administer the test that’s required to obtain the Federal Communications Commission license.

The sessions, open to all, will be Nov. 11-12, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. They’ll be held in the basement meeting room at Elmhurst Fire Station No. 1, 404 N. York St. The class is free, although there is a $14 exam fee for those who want to take the test at the end of the weekend.

What can one do with a ham radio license? You can talk around the world, without wires or the Internet. You can also chat with astronauts, bounce signals off satellites, learn about electronics and two-way radio and help your community with communications during disasters or public service events. More information is available at