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The York Radio Club holds annual elections to create a Board of Directors and appointments are made for certain committee positions.  The following people have volunteered their time and efforts to mange the club’s activities:


  • President: John McCormick, K9KE
  • Vice President: George Tasson, KC9UIU
  • Secretary: Dave  Novotny, KC9AMY
  • Treasurer: Steve Jurasek, N9ZE


  • Tom Piszczek, W9WOX
  • Bill Vest Jr.,      N9WGV    
  • Guy Emma,      KC9MIG


  • Technical Chair:        Nick Fredrich,  <KC9WPR @>
  • Repeater Trustee:   Nick Fredrich,  <KC9WPR @>


15 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Thanks for the catch – yes, we meet in the summer months at the Elmhurst Fire Department Training Facility – Hope to see you there!

    1. The Elmhurst Police currently rely upon digital UHF communications – only digital capable scanners will ‘copy’ their transmissions.

      1. here are two
        154.040 Elmhurst Public Works
        154.415 Elmhurst Fire
        and for more information on the Elmhurst Police
        visit Radio Reference – – see

  2. W9YK Todd thanks for the call today. I was wrapping up a call with my son. We use W9YRK because it is an equidistant direct line between him and I with about 7 miles each leg, which is about as far as my little handheld will reach. KA4ORB Frank

  3. Hello this is Carl (KF4WQH) and I live in Berywn. I am a newly accredited VE. Let me know if you know any club that can use me. Thanks..

    1. Please visit our club at the next meeting – Friday, October 20th – meeting at 8 pm – VE session begins at 7 pm – you’ll want to meet our VE Captain – Mark, KB9TVD

  4. Looking for info on the repeater KC9WPR. Is it active? It is yaesu fusion and belongs to your club according to repeater book. Thanks.

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