The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) provides for three levels of amateur radio licenses. They are –

Technician Class An entry-level class, with restricted privileges. Requires passage of a 35-question multiple choice test.
General Class A mid-level class, with privileges in all ham radio bands. Requires passage of a 35-question multiple choice test. PREREQUISITE: Passage of the Technician Class license test.
Amateur      Extra Class The highest level class, with all ham radio privileges. Requires passage of a 50-question multiple choice test. PREREQUISITE: Passage of the Technician Class and General Class license tests.


The York Radio Club offers amateur radio licensing testing for ALL FCC license elements starting one hour prior to every club meeting.

Our VE Coordinator is Mark, KB9TVD.  You can contact Mark for further information by emailing <KB9TVD at arrl dot net> or calling him at 708-562-6027.

Here are some general tips in preparing for one of these exams:

  • We’ll need to see a government-issued photo ID (e.g., driver’s license).
  • Bring a pencil and eraser for taking the test, and a pen to fill out the application form.
  • Folks upgrading need to provide proof of their current elements passed (typically current license or CSCE).  We need a copy we can keep.
  • A calculator with log and trig functions could be useful; but programmable calculators are not allowed, nor the calculators in cell phones and other net-connected devices.
  • I highly recommend that you get an FCC registration number (FRN) ahead of time, if you don’t have one already.  Go to the FCC web site at:
    Click the Register button, and answer the questions.  It takes just a few minutes, and you’ll get your number at the end of the process.  Print it out and bring it to the test session.  You’ll include that number on the application form and in all future business you may have with the FCC (such as upgrades, vanity call sign applications, change of address, etc.).Otherwise, you will need to supply your Social Security Number on the application form.  It’s federal tax law and you are, ultimately, dealing with the Federal Government.  in this case, assuming you pass your test, you get an FRN with your new license.

I think that’s it.  If you have any questions, I can be reached at <KB9TVD at arrl dot net> or at (708) 562-6027.

Best regards,

Mark Burlingame KB9TVD
W5YI Contact Volunteer Examiner for the York Radio Club


VE Team #1 VE Team #2 VE Team #3
Steve Jurasek         N9ZE Ken Kalin                    N9YIR Bill Vest Jr.               N9WGV
Gehl Entwhistle    KB9DVC Ernie Krause             K9BFU Yanko Yankov        NX9G
Doug Schipull         KC9OMS George Tasson        KC9UIU Chuck Hopper         K9PLX
 Bill Draheim        WD9END – Dec 17 Bill Draheim        WD9END


Testing Date VE Team
9/15/17 Team #1
10/20/17 Team #2
11/17/17 Team #3
12/15/17 Team #1
1/19/18 Team #2
3/16/18 Team #3
4/20/17 Team #1


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  1. Could someone let Ernie Krause  K9BFU know that Michael Thomey N9KOU is trying to reach him. I am studing to take my General Class. Have him give me a call. 630-730-8895

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