Weekly Nets

The York Radio Club hosts several VHF and UHF nets.  Please feel free to check in as often as you can.  Club membership is not a requirement to particate in the weekly events.

2 Meter Simplex Net

Net Time:  Mondays at 8:00p.m. local

Frequency:  147.42 FM simplex.

The net control station will be using the radio equipment at Elmhurst Fire Station #1 on North York Street.

Date (Mondays) 2m Net Control Operator
5/1/17      N9ZE

5/8/17      W9YK

5/15/17     WD9HDT

5/22/17     N9ZE

5/29/17     No Net – Memorial Day

6/5/17      W9YK

6/12/17     WD9HDT

6/19/17     N9ZE

6/26/17     W9YK

7/3/17      No Net – Independence Day eve/fireworks

7/10/17     WD9HDT

7/17/17     N9ZE

7/24/17     W9YK

7/31/17     WD9HDT

8/7/17      N9ZE

8/14/17     W9YK

8/21/17     WD9HDT

8/28/17     N9ZE

2m-Script in PDF format

2mRoster-2017-02 in PDF format

2mRoster-2017-02 in Excel format


6 Meter Roundtable Net

Net Time:  Mondays immediately upon conclusion of 2m Net above

Frequency:  50.150 USB

A casual rag chew net to discuss anything of interest.


70 centimeter Net

Net Time:  Wednesdays at 8:00p.m. local

Frequency:  442.875 FM +5MHz repeater offset and 114.8 Hz PL  tone.

The net uses the club’s repeater W9YRC/R and is open to all amateurs.  The net typically concludes with broadcast of the current RAIN Report or the Amateur Radio Newsline.

Date (Wednesdays) 70cm Net Control Operator
5/3/17      W9YK

5/10/17     KD4SLL

5/17/17     W9WOX

5/24/17     KC9AMY

5/31/17     N9WGV

6/7/17      KB9TVD

6/14/17     W9YK

6/21/17     KD4SLL

6/28/17     W9WOX

7/5/17      KC9AMY

7/12/17     N9WGV

7/19/17     KB9TVD

7/26/17     W9YK

8/2/17      KD4SLL

8/9/17      W9WOX

8/16/17   N9WGV

8/23/17     KC9AMY

8/30/17     KB9TVD

440-Script in PDF format

440Roster_2017_01 in Excel format

440Roster_2017_01  in PDF format

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